More on, “What do we still have to do??”

Once you truly get hold of the reality that you will never be able to do enough to make God happy, then the truth of the gift of grace is staggering....


“Just carry on”….

"Just carry on" is one of the cards in The Oblique Strategies by Peter Schmidt and Brian Eno. Haven't seen the set of cards, but I ran across this quote just now, and was surprised how a load suddenly felt lifted. Hmmm, wonder what that could be about....Even though I've consciously rejected the performance-based life, … Continue reading “Just carry on”….

“We shall see Him as He is!”

The Internet Monk describes pretty well the prevailing concern of legalistic pastors over the dangers of 'cheap grace' (here, here and here). Betty G. once said to me, "If there weren't the possibility of losing out on the inheritance, what would be the motivation for sanctification?" This was a rhetorical question - the obvious answer … Continue reading “We shall see Him as He is!”

A different concept of God….

Here is a thought-provoking quote from iMonk Michael Spencer: || Why are Christians the most incomplete, frantic, "wretchedly urgent" and religiously imbalanced of human beings? Could it be that our conception of God is, "What can he do for me? What must I do for him?" rather than, "The God I worship is the God … Continue reading A different concept of God….

The Secret of the Abundant Christian Life

When I was in high school my mother (who was known as SisterMayo in the Assembly), developed a library for Fountain Avenue Baptist Church in Los Angeles. She and I had a great time discovering Christian books that were new to us. I read They Found the Secret by Raymond Edman, president of Wheaton College. … Continue reading The Secret of the Abundant Christian Life