Geftakys Assembly

George Geftakys has died…

George Geftakys slipped into a coma on August 11, 2014, and died at 6:15 p.m.  He was buried in a private service at the Riverside National Cemetery. Your reflections prompted by this event are welcome here, on the website, and on the… Read More ›

So George could say…

In 1970 (before the Assembly began) there was a weekend seminar in George and Betty Geftakys’ home. Some people hung around afterward to talk–his teenage son, Tim, and his friends, several women in their sixties who had been part of… Read More ›

It’s not about me….

Michael Spencer’s posts on grace (here, here and here) gave me an “aha!” moment about what was off-base, spiritually speaking, in the Geftakys Assembly, and other legalistic groups. That kind of perfectionistic performance-based teaching invokes a schema that is all… Read More ›

Hymn triggers….

This was one of those Sunday mornings that was a minefield of triggers, hymn triggers. I’ve learned I have to look over the bulletin for roadside bombs before the church service begins. So there it was, the hymn before communion –… Read More ›