“You’re with Me….”

There's a scene in The Shack where Mack and Jesus are out on the dock in the evening, enjoying the stars. Mack imagines he could reach out and pluck diamonds off a velvet black sky: "Wow!" he whispered. "Incredible!" Whispered Jesus..."I never get tired of this..." They're doing nothing, Jesus and Mack. Just lying on … Continue reading “You’re with Me….”

Wish I could be there….

I've been reading Allen Shawn's book, Wish I Could Be There: Notes from a Phobic Life. What piqued my interest in the topic was a comment made by an AK (Assembly kid) to another AK, "They made us afraid of everything." That synched with my awareness that quite a few FAM's (former Assembly members) experience … Continue reading Wish I could be there….