My Theological House

Sandy Blank went through the big doctrinal changes in the Worldwide Church of God, became thoroughly disillusioned, and walked out. After having a powerful conversion experience she went back to Worldwide (now Grace Communion International) to try to make a difference, but left again after 10 years. In “My Theological House” she describes her experience … Continue reading My Theological House


God’s love letter….

Here is the message of God's love in paraphrased words from scripture in a six minute video. Be blessed! Or maybe not. If you've experienced spiritual abuse, you might be thinking, "But what does that mean?? God let me get really hurt - how is that 'love'?" God has many reasons for the things he … Continue reading God’s love letter….

“What is God’s Will?….”

Bakht Singh

"How can I know what God wants me to do?" Ask this question, and often the answer you'll get is, "You need to hear from God, see his hand in circumstances, then expect confirmation." Missionaries recount marvelous examples of this. Bakht Singh, a famous indigenous church planter in India, used to tell how he was … Continue reading “What is God’s Will?….”

Childhood conversion….

In all the discussion about child-rearing methods, one aspect that hasn't received much attention is how the issue relates to children's conversion. In an Assembly-type group there's the assumption that the parents' "child training" is the underpinning of a child's salvation. It's up to you to discipline your children into the Kingdom. The problem is … Continue reading Childhood conversion….

“You’re with Me….”

There's a scene in The Shack where Mack and Jesus are out on the dock in the evening, enjoying the stars. Mack imagines he could reach out and pluck diamonds off a velvet black sky: "Wow!" he whispered. "Incredible!" Whispered Jesus..."I never get tired of this..." They're doing nothing, Jesus and Mack. Just lying on … Continue reading “You’re with Me….”

“Just carry on”….

"Just carry on" is one of the cards in The Oblique Strategies by Peter Schmidt and Brian Eno. Haven't seen the set of cards, but I ran across this quote just now, and was surprised how a load suddenly felt lifted. Hmmm, wonder what that could be about....Even though I've consciously rejected the performance-based life, … Continue reading “Just carry on”….

Jesus Interrupted….

Witherington has a great series of posts on Bart Ehrman's latest book, Jesus Interrupted: Revealing the hidden contradictions in the Bible (and why we didn't know about them). Dr. Witherington approaches it on a scholarly level, eschewing any fundamentalistic emotional rant on inerrancy. He deftly teases out the weaknesses in Ehrman's arguments and brings the … Continue reading Jesus Interrupted….

“Why should I believe in Easter when life is so difficult?”

Dave Sable first posted this on Facebook: "I admit that when I am hit with my occasional bouts of depression that it is hard to really get into the “He is Risen!” spirit. Resurrection Life seems a really cool concept, a neat idea. But the reality feels a million miles away from my experience. Over … Continue reading “Why should I believe in Easter when life is so difficult?”

“We shall see Him as He is!”

The Internet Monk describes pretty well the prevailing concern of legalistic pastors over the dangers of 'cheap grace' (here, here and here). Betty G. once said to me, "If there weren't the possibility of losing out on the inheritance, what would be the motivation for sanctification?" This was a rhetorical question - the obvious answer … Continue reading “We shall see Him as He is!”

“Am I Still a Christian?”

Christians who have been spiritually abused often have a prolonged feeling of antipathy toward everything associated with Christianity - church, the Bible, even God. Not only do they feel they aren't growing spiritually, they feel they have lost whatever progress in the faith they might have had. They begin to wonder, "Am I still a Christian?" … Continue reading “Am I Still a Christian?”