My Theological House

Sandy Blank went through the big doctrinal changes in the Worldwide Church of God, became thoroughly disillusioned, and walked out. After having a powerful conversion experience she went back to Worldwide (now Grace Communion International) to try to make a… Read More ›

God’s love letter….

Here is the message of God’s love in paraphrased words from scripture in a six minute video. Be blessed! Or maybe not. If you’ve experienced spiritual abuse, you might be thinking, “But what does that mean?? God let me get… Read More ›

Childhood conversion….

In all the discussion about child-rearing methods, one aspect that hasn’t received much attention is how the issue relates to children’s conversion. In an Assembly-type group there’s the assumption that the parents’ “child training” is the underpinning of a child’s… Read More ›

So what do we still have to do??

The Bible has all those commands – pray, study the Bible, etc. In the church I (sometimes) attend now, I constantly hear exhortations about it. Don’t I have to be doing these things in order for God to approve of me?”

“You’re with Me….”

There’s a scene in The Shack where Mack and Jesus are out on the dock in the evening, enjoying the stars. Mack imagines he could reach out and pluck diamonds off a velvet black sky: “Wow!” he whispered. “Incredible!” Whispered… Read More ›


Two great quotes from Christian Recovery Forums at Spiritual Abuse Recovery Resources: “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under live robber barons… Read More ›

Peter Kreeft….

On the Assembly reflections website we have an excerpt from Peter Kreeft’s very, very helpful book, Making Sense out of Suffering. Even better, on his website there are MP3’s of his very listenable lectures available free of charge, including one… Read More ›

“Just carry on”….

“Just carry on” is one of the cards in The Oblique Strategies by Peter Schmidt and Brian Eno. Haven’t seen the set of cards, but I ran across this quote just now, and was surprised how a load suddenly felt… Read More ›

We cannot fail….

Joe Sperling shared a couple of encouraging posts this month on the Assembly board that are especially good for those of us who still have the lovely combo of BG and GG’s messages in our subconscious: GG – “Strive harder… Read More ›

Jesus Interrupted….

Witherington has a great series of posts on Bart Ehrman’s latest book, Jesus Interrupted: Revealing the hidden contradictions in the Bible (and why we didn’t know about them). Dr. Witherington approaches it on a scholarly level, eschewing any fundamentalistic emotional… Read More ›

Keswick Higher Life….

Lee Irons has a blog post on Keswick Burnout. If you have been depressed lately over the quality of your spiritual life, this is a must read. Dave Sable has this response to Lee’s post: “Great thoughts by Lee.  I… Read More ›

“Am I Still a Christian?”

Christians who have been spiritually abused often have a prolonged feeling of antipathy toward everything associated with Christianity – church, the Bible, even God. Not only do they feel they aren’t growing spiritually, they feel they have lost whatever progress in… Read More ›