Childhood conversion….

In all the discussion about child-rearing methods, one aspect that hasn't received much attention is how the issue relates to children's conversion. In an Assembly-type group there's the assumption that the parents' "child training" is the underpinning of a child's salvation. It's up to you to discipline your children into the Kingdom. The problem is … Continue reading Childhood conversion….


Does discipline really produce godly character…?

I was talking with someone who visited the Assembly once in 1992 with her husband and children. Once, mind you. And that was a long time ago. "We never came back," she said, "because I just couldn't make the commitment to raise my children that way. It was too hard." After that, she felt for years like … Continue reading Does discipline really produce godly character…?

“The Happy Room”

Just finished reading The Happy Room by Catherine Palmer, a fictionalized account of growing up as a missionary kid in Africa. Very interesting parallels with the Assembly. Children of missionaries are now termed "third culture kids". I think many Assembly kids fit that category. Some AK's were allowed a certain level of cultural participation. They … Continue reading “The Happy Room”

The Internet Monk on parenting teens….

The iMonk posted some thoughts and questions for parents on Fathers' Day. Good stuff, as usual. He talks about the implications of the wired world, the question of your own deepest values that shape your every day life, the peril of flash-in-the-pan evangelicalism. Point 1 is about entitlement. That is probably a tough one for … Continue reading The Internet Monk on parenting teens….