The Mask….

Christianity has its own pharisees, "Teachers of the Law", who beat you down. You don't live up to their expectations, so of course you pretend. You put on your smiley face, but inside you're dying. Glogster "Keikyo" describes how this feels: I was once sad and lonely, Having nobody to comfort me, So I wore … Continue reading The Mask….

Gretchen’s Story – Conclusion

We now know the Assembly is a cult Wellspring Retreat has characterized the Geftakys Assembly as a T.A.C.O. -- a Totalist Aberrant Christian Organization. Refer to the article "Identifiying a Cult" for a good summary of cult characteristics. The Omaha Assembly was led almost exclusively by Mike Zach. He still holds a strong influence over … Continue reading Gretchen’s Story – Conclusion