Brent T. launched the original website The Geftakys in 2002 to expose corruption in the Geftakys Assembly ministry and call the leaders to take action. Early in 2003 the Geftakys ministry collapsed, and Brent handed over the website to us, Steve and Margaret Irons, to expand it in the direction of understanding and healing from spiritual abuse.

Little by little some of the great information on that original website will be appearing here on the blog, in shorter and more digestible posts. We are summarizing longer articles, or publishing them as a series of shorter posts. The full-length articles will remain on the original website.

We were former leaders in the Geftakys ministry. We are deeply grieved for the damage we perpetrated on others. Our work on the website and this blog is part of our effort to try to make amends in some small way. Margaret is now the editor of the main website and this blog.

(Note: “The Assembly” referred to throughout this blog had no connection with The Assemblies of God, nor with Plymouth Brethren assemblies, other than a common background.)

All content on this blog is protected under the Creative Commons License.

2 thoughts on “About us……

  1. I met George & Betty in 2006 when I became Chaplain of Plymouth Village.He attended all of my events & even shared personal stories w which I will NEVER mention.I can only mention the best in them as this is what I saw!

  2. Dear Margaret:

    I was in the assembly in the San Fernando Valley from about 1982-1988 (?). Anyway, I found your website tonight thanks to Mark Campbell, who always so graciously sends me a Christmas card and inquires as to my well-being.

    I just wanted to tell you how helpful your website has been to me tonight as I have mused over the time I spent in “the assembly.” I’m glad you are the webmaster and I’m thankful for your transparency in sharing your emotions and thoughts.

    Through your website I found a picture of your son Lee and then his wife Misty. I remember Lee as a boy! I’m proud of you, of Steve, of Lee, of Mark…you are true survivors and are shining a great light for people like me. Thank you for being vulnerable and honest.


    Lauren (formerly Lori Hale)

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